Parachute Design Diameter: 6 ft.

Number String Attachments: 9

Wooden Knitting Ring Size: 14 in.

Strings Length: 4.5 ft. (strength: < 250 N)

Number Of Strings Attached to Balloon: 4 (7 ft.)

Parachute was purchased on (Brand: Funchute-Parachute from Pacific Play Tents, ages 3 plus! ;] )

  • The 4 ft. lines were individually sewn to each of the 9 extensions of the parachute, to reinforce the strength. At the other end of the lines, they were attached to the wooden ring with knots and glued (hot glue).
  • The Balloon’s attachment lines extended from the bottom of the balloon Through a hole in the center of the parachute, and down to the wooden ring- where they were attached with knots and enforced with hot glue.